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Welcome to FSS Technologies

We offer Information and Technology (IT) services and solutions that helps customers move from where they are today to what they would like to become in the future. We go beyond our comfort zone to achieve success for our customers without compromising on the quality and integrity of the work we undertake

What We Can Do

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Every organisation has its own scope and pace for transformation to a higher level of digitization. For most of the organisations it is not a big-bang approach but rather a long structured process with several waves of  transformation to achieve business success.

Cloud Accelerators
Cloud Accelerators

We have currently built accelerators for AZURE cloud. We have developed a methodology for implementing it.

Innovation Lab
Innovation Lab

Medium sized organizations with limited R&D budget often cut into their operational expenditure to achieve the desired results.  Our Innovation lab based out of Pune, India consists of a very experienced individuals that are able to help customers pursue their path to innovation at a substantial lower cost

IT Solutions For Insurance
IT Solutions for Insurance

We have an experienced team of Insurance and IT professionals with capabilities in technologies like OneShield, Ratabase, Guidewire and Duck Creek.

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FECUND has been developing OneShield modules for us for almost a year now. I am very happy to find an Indian company with well-spoken and reliable people. They proved their reliability by getting the project live up and running in very quick time. I am happy to grow my business with them as our technology partners.

FECUND has been an excellent partner that understands both the criticality of business and the challenges in leveraging technology to implement business solutions. The most notable attributes for FECUND are in professionalism, ethics, technical expertise and commitment to its customer.

The FECUND team is great! They are knowledgeable and very flexible. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a technology partner

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