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About Us

Formed in 2014 with 5 highly experienced and dedicated resources to execute a project for an Insurance customer in the US. Today we are 50 + around the globe supporting several programmes for our customers. Our utmost focus on customer success and complete alignment to the customers’ market strategy has established us as a very special partner in an already crowded vendor landscape within the customer’s environment.

We take great pride in simplifying technology for our customers and focus solely on the value generation aspects of their vision.

Our Culture

We are an equal opportunity organisation and believe in giving every member the environment that works best  to support the customer.  Continuous development is the key for every individual and we invest what it needs to bring them to the next level.

We value integrity and commitment more than anything else.

Our Work

Here is the list of our key projects that have made a huge impact on the customer’s business outcome.

We are proud that we have taken these projects from conceptualisation, all the way to implementation and rollout.

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